Multi-Purpose Reusable Absorber 17.5oz

Multi-Purpose Reusable Absorber 17.5oz

Zarpax RCA-500 reusable moisture absorberpouches are your tough, affordable solution for combating excess humidity and moisture in a variety of environments. Available in a convenient set of two, these robust pouches are expertly designed to efficiently remove excess moisture from the air. Whether you’re dealing with a damp storage area, your home, office, or any other moisture-prone space, the RCA-500 moisture absorbers weigh 17.5 oz and  are engineered to deliver performance comparable to disposable moisture absorbers, but with the significant advantage of reusability. Each pouch is filled with thousands of desiccant pearls that effectively absorb moisture, ensuring your spaces remain dry, fresh, and comfortable. When renewal is needed, simply microwave the pouch to dry it out, let it cool down, and it’s ready for action once more. Ideal for those who prioritize practicality and environmental sustainability, the RCA-500 not only protects your valuables but also maintains a healthier, moisture-free environment. For optimal and safe use, be sure to check the included manual before starting.

Recommended price: $19,99 (2-pack)

Unit weight: ±17,5oz

Efficient Moisture Absorption: Each pouch contains thousands of desiccant pearls, designed to rapidly and effectively absorb moisture, keeping your spaces consistently dry and fresh.

Convenient Reusability: The RCA-500 pouches offer an eco-friendly solution with their microwaveable design for easy renewal, allowing for repeated use, cost-saving and reducing environmental waste.

Durable and Robust Construction: Built to last, these pouches feature a tough black fabric, ensuring longevity and reliability in various environments, from humid basements to damp closets.

Versatile and Multipurpose Use: Ideal for a wide range of settings, including homes, offices, boats, RVs, and storage areas, the RCA-500 efficiently combats moisture wherever it’s needed.

Cost-Effective Moisture Control: Sold in a set of two, these affordable pouches provide a long-term solution for moisture problems, saving you money and hassle.



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