About us

The dehumidifying company

Zarpax is an InnoGoods international BV brand. Since 2006 it has been our aim to bring customers innovative dehumidifying products that are better for the environment, safer for their families and more fun to use. Zarpax products are designed to be efficient and safe, but we do not turn a blind eye to the fact that their delivery and use are paired with energy consumption. We are dedicated to constant innovation as a means to reduce the impact or our products on the world around us.

Zarpax is an International Brand

Zarpax products are sold throughout the World in over 20 countries (in Europe under the Pingi brand). This would not be possible without offering the very best in product quality, on-time delivery and customer support. Buying and using Zarpax should be a pleasant experience for every consumer.


Our international headquarters are located in Capelle aan den IJssel (Rotterdam), the Netherlands. Inventory for North America is shipped from our warehouses in Baltimore (MD) and Los Angeles (CA).

English speaking customers can contact our English speaking staff.