Single-Use Gun Dehumidifier 7.5oz – Corrosion Inhibitors

Single-Use Gun Dehumidifier 7.5oz – Corrosion Inhibitors

Zarpax Single-Use Gun Dehumidifiers, innovatively designed for gun enthusiasts and those looking to protect metal gear from humidity, are the perfect solution for keeping your armory, safes, and gear storage areas dry and corrosion-free. Importantly, it is formulated with corrosion inhibitors to protect metals in case of spills, making it an ideal choice for maintaining the condition of firearms and metal equipment. It is subtly scented with a lemon fragrance, adding a fresh aroma to your storage spaces.

Our moisture absorbers also boast a stylish camo print, aligning with the aesthetics appreciated by our target market. The no-spill design and an anti-leak membrane ensure a mess-free experience by securely sealing the absorbent material, trapping moisture effectively, and preventing leaks. This makes them not only practical but also an appealing addition to any space dedicated to the storage and preservation of firearms and gear.

Designed for convenience and efficiency, the detachable hook offers the flexibility to hang the absorber from hooks, bars, or fixtures, maximizing your space. Alternatively, remove it to take advantage of the standing feature for areas where hanging is not an option. Compact, lightweight, and portable, these absorbers are easy to place wherever you store your arms or gear. Each 7oz single-use absorber works up to 45 days, providing long-lasting protection against excess moisture and ensuring your arms and gear are kept in prime condition.

Versatile and user-friendly, these moisture absorbers are quick and easy to manage without the need for special tools or installation. Whether you choose to place them in safes, gear storage areas, or any space where firearms are stored, these absorbers are an essential tool for maintaining optimal humidity levels and protecting against the damaging effects of excess humidity.

  • Firearm-Friendly Design – Specifically crafted for gun enthusiasts and those looking to protect their gear, these moisture absorbers are ideal for armories, safes, and gear storage areas. The stylish camo print adds an appealing aesthetic suited to your storage spaces.
  • Corrosion Protection – Formulated with corrosion inhibitors, these absorbers offer essential protection for metals in case of spills, ensuring your firearms and gear remain in optimal condition.
  • Subtle Lemon Scent – Unlike the original unscented formula, this variation introduces a subtle lemon fragrance, maintaining a fresh aroma in your storage areas without the need for activated charcoal.
  • Versatile Placement Options – With the ability to stand or hang, thanks to the detachable hook, you have flexible placement options to best suit your space and storage needs.
  • User-Friendly – Manage humidity levels with ease, without the need for special tools or complicated installations. The design is intuitive, making it simple to use for everyone, from casual gun owners to serious enthusiasts.
  • Compact and Portable – The compact size and lightweight design make these absorbers easy to transport and store, allowing you to protect your firearms and gear wherever needed.
  • Long-Lasting Protection – Each 7oz single-use absorber provides up to 45 days of reliable protection against excess moisture, ensuring your arms and gear are safeguarded from humidity and corrosion.

User instructions:

1. Open the package: Carefully open the package containing the moisture absorber. Do not cut the product or white anti-leak membrane.

2. Place the absorber upright or hang the absorber in the area you wish to dehumidify. 

3. Make sure to keep some distance between the moisture absorber and other objects. 

4. Leave the absorber in place: Leave the absorber in place for up to 45 days. The absorber will gradually absorb excess moisture from the air, so leave it in place.  

5. Discard and replace the absorber: After all the white crystals have dissolved, remove the absorber and discard it in the trash. Replace the absorber with a fresh unit.


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