Dehumidifying Rod 32″

Dehumidifying Rod 32″

Introducing our Dehumidifying Rods, the perfect solution for maintaining optimal humidity levels in your storage spaces. Designed specifically for gun lockers and storage areas, these stylish space heaters effectively raise the air temperature, reducing relative humidity to prevent moisture-related damage to your valuable items.

Recommended price: $29,99

Length: 32″

Effective Dehumidification: The Dehumidifying Rods utilize a heating mechanism to increase the air temperature within the application area, effectively lowering relative humidity and preventing condensation.

Dual Safety System: Engineered with a dual safety system, our rods provide reliable and secure operation. The thermal safety feature prevents overheating, while the electrical safety system ensures safe usage.

Foldable Design : For added convenience, our 32″ rods are foldable, allowing for easy storage and portability when not in use.

Versatile Installation Options: These rods offer versatile installation possibilities. They can be easily installed on the floor, ceiling, or side wall of your gun locker or storage area, maximizing space utilization.

Smart Mounts: Each set of Dehumidifying Rods includes two smart mounts for hassle-free installation. The mounts can be securely attached using the provided 3M tape or screws, offering flexibility in mounting options. The smart mounts are designed to accommodate both landscape and portrait orientations, giving you the freedom to choose the best setup for your storage space.


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