You must realize that the average household sometimes produces 10 to 15 liters of water vapor per day. No dehumidifier can absorb all of this moisture. This is also not necessary since the excess moisture will leave the home through ventilation. Dehumidifiers such as ZARPAX and other products are intended to absorb moisture in places where there is insufficient ventilation to remove it. Normally the amount of moisture in these small rooms (e.g. cellar cupboard, kitchen sink cupboard) is not very large in terms of the number of liters, but causes problems because the moisture cannot escape through ventilation. Yet the removal of the relatively small amount of moisture from the space can resolve the problem. With ZARPAX dehumidifiers, this absorbed moisture is then evaporated in a place where it can be more easily removed through ventilation (kitchen) – with other products it is poured down your drain with the corrosive residue of the hygroscopic salt.