Those using a car dehumidifier for the first time may be at a bit of a loss in terms of where to put it, or even whether placement makes any difference. For electric dehumidifiers, the answer is – not really. As long as they have access to air, a current will gradually be created in the car. For non-electric dehumidifiers, placement matters a bit more.

Dashboard Placement

There are a few reasons why people like to place their dehumidifier on the dashboard. The first is to prevent window fogging. Even with a dehumidifier in the car, it could take anywhere from several minutes to multiple hours for it to swing into full gear. Having it placed on the dashboard ensures that defogging will take place ASAP. Also, it’s easy to keep track of when the dehumidifier is full and needs to be emptied. Otherwise, it’s pretty easy to forget about them during the course of a day.

The Back Window

Defogging the back window can also be a priority for those who do not have rear defrosters. Also, it is sometimes hard to keep dehumidifiers in place on the front dashboard. Rear windows often have open ridged areas behind the seats, perfectly suited for dehumidifiers.

Trunk Placement

Moisture in the trunk can be a bit of a nuisance, since many cars don’t have great air flow from the trunk to the main cabin. This is especially useful for drivers who do sports, as sweaty moisture from shoes and clothes can create a long lasting musk. With trunk placement, it’s important to remember that the effects will be limited, if present at all, in the main cabin.