Zarpax F2 Activebrush™

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Product Description

With the addition of the F2 ACTIVEBRUSH™ to our ACTIVEBRUSH™
series tough cleaning jobs suddenly become a lot easier. The F2
ACTIVEBRUSH™ comes with all the benefits of the original F1
ACTIVEBRUSH™, but it has a telescopic handle and a much larger
water reservoir. This makes it perfect for cleaning the roofs of vans,
caravan side panels, truck windows and most other hard to reach
places. The dual valve system ensures that the brush fills itself
with water in seconds. Flowing water ensures gentle and effective
cleaning of paint work.

– Integrated 240 ml aqua chamber
– Provides an active water flow
– No hose required
– Telescoping aluminum pole (90-160cm)
– Soft bristle and rubber bumper
– Water saving and eco friendly