Dust mites? Humidity matters

We all know the importance of humidity. Low humidity can lead to dry throat, itchy eyes and skin irritation. What will happen if the humidity in our house increases above normal humidity level? The effects of high humidity are even more adverse than with low humidity levels. When the humidity of the air increases, it allows growth of biological contaminants and  reduces the quality of indoor air. The ideal level of moisture should be around 40-60% and any level beyond this allows microorganisms like dust mites, mold, mildew, bacteria and viruses to breed in our environment. Even though all these microorganisms can trigger health problems, dust mites are of special concern as they can contribute to allergies, asthma and other health problems.bedroomphoto

So what are dust mites?

We can’t see dust mites because they are tiny creatures. Even an adult mite can sit on the tip of a pin without being noticed. They are scavengers that feed themselves on dead human skin cells, mold, fungi and other debris. However, dust mites can survive only if the water content of their body is about 70%. Because they need to maintain this, they can only thrive in moist, damp and dark areas. Because they don’t drink water, they need to absorb moisture. They don’t actually live on human beings but live near us by feeding on dead human skin cells.

Where can we find dust mites?

They commonly thrive in dark, damp areas like pillow covers, mattresses, duvets and other soft furnishings. They flourish well in bathrooms and other hidden areas with high humidity, and even a powerful vacuum cleaner can often not remove them.

What makes dust mites harmful?

Dust mites are actually quite harmless but the debris produced by them contains active digestive enzymes, which end up in the indoor air. This can cause asthmatic symptoms. Even a non-allergic person can become allergic to dust mites over gradual exposure to dust mite excrement.

How can we prevent dust mites?

There are many ways to reduce the growth of dust mites. There are professional dust mite busters with special equipment to clean your bed and furnishings (for example,MatrasCleaner). You can also use dust mite resistant linens and regularly wash linens at high temperatures. Be sure to avoid using soft furnishings, remove dust frequently and reduce the number of dust causing items from your room.


Can lowering humidity help prevent dust mites?

Dust mites absorb water from the air in order to survive, so reducing the humidity level of your house can be a natural solution to combat dust mites. Use a balanced combination of ventilation and well placed dehumidifiers to lower the humidity in your home. Dehumidifiers come in various types and sizes. As Pingi dehumidifiers were developed to reduce moisture levels in small spaces, they can be easily combined with natural ventilation. If you are looking for a compact, reusable, cost-effective, easily maintainable product, then give Pingi dehumidifiers a try.

tion. If you are looking for a compact, reusable, cost-effective, easily maintainable product, then give Pingi dehumidifiers a try.