Removing Musty Smells from your Closets

If you are facing musty smells in your closets, you want to be sure that you take the right measures. The problem with closets is that they are not ventilated. Moisture gets trapped and does not easily come out again. Moisture in closets can cause black molds, stains, odor, and much more. Musty smells are a clear sign of unhealthy air. Because closets are often in bedrooms it is important to make sure that you get rid of moisture and musty smells. Pingi dehumidifiers are a good choice if you want to prevent humidity building up in closets and wardrobes.

Pingi Dehumidifiers for your closets

For damp closets we recommend our Pingi Basic and Pingi i-Dry lines. Unlike most electric dehumidifiers Pingi Basic and Pingi i-Dry products do not need electricity while absorbing moisture. This makes them easier and cheaper to use. You can use these products 24-hours a day without you having to worry about noise, high electricity bills or potential fire hazards in your closets. Pingi Basic and Pingi i-Dry also have a clear advantage over chemical dehumidifiers that use hygroscopic salt refills to absorb moisture. Not only do Pingi Basic and i-Dry products not need refills (you can use them many times), they also never leak aggressive chemicals. Pingi will simply never leak while it is in use. The moisture will only come out when you want it to (while recharging it). This makes Pingi the perfect choice for any damp wardrobe or humid closet.

Specialty products for closets and wardrobes

The all new Pingi Clothes Hanger Dehumidifier is a great product for use in any musty wardrobe. It is an effective closet dehumidifier shaped like a clothes hanger. You can even hang your favorite suit or dress from it (it will still work for the entire closet). There is no danger of stains or moisture leaking out. It has a collapsible design, so it also makes a perfect traveling companion. Or why not go for Pingi Egg? This decorative egg is not only a smart dehumidifier, it will also look great in any closet.